I am an Economics and Philosophy graduate with an NCTJ accredited diploma in Multimedia Journalism. I won a bursary from the Journalism Diversity Fund (JDF) to pay for my course fees.

In September 2014 I started a year long training scheme at BBC North West Tonight, which is being run in partnership with Creative Access – a charity which helps people from BAME backgrounds break into the media industry.

I have completed an NCTJ accredited course at Lambeth College, where I undertook modules in Radio and Broadcasting, in addition to the standard modules the fast track course include.

I am also a proficient graphic designer and artist, having achieved awards early on in childhood for both Graphics and Art, along with completing my Art GSCE several years early as part of my schools “Gifted and Talented” program.

I volunteer for a number of charities, where I take on communication orientated roles, and also have experience in digital marketing, social media, SEO and web design.

How I made this website

So you may be wondering how I made this website. Well, it’s simple really. All websites that are powered by WordPress use themes. These can be edited using CSS. If you’ve never heard that acronym before, it simply means Cascading Style Sheet. By altering a themes CSS you can change the look of a website using just a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It’s sometimes called theme hacking.

Check out this video explaining how to use your browser to find CSS classes and DIV ID’s. It should help you on your way. Just remember to experiment, and most importantly, have fun. Don’t be disheartened if you’re a novice. It’s a lot simpler than it looks and you can alter a theme like I have done in no time! (Well, it might take a few months of head scratching, but you’ll get there if you persevere.) My base template was version one of the TwentyThirteen theme.

Also, you’re going to need this very handy website: http://www.w3schools.com/

If you’d like a copy of my theme just drop me an email and I’ll send you the necessary files.