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A thought just came to me…perhaps I should try and write it down?

– On the nature of writing and the prevalence of the internet –


A thought just came to me…perhaps I should try and write it down?
A word, an idea – the utterance of a phrase which bubbles and swells into a raging river of conscious thought. Perhaps I ought to write these thoughts down? So many times I have found, such thoughts slipping through my fingers, and into the deep empty stillness of moments past. It is quite a remarkable invention, adaptation – whatever you wish to call it. I’m talking about language that is. The ability to convey thoughts so superbly – the depth of meaning and insight that can be crammed into a few blobs of ink and a couple of sheets of paper is simply astounding. This process has been refined through the intentional modifications of an arguably highly developed primate since its original inception. In this technological revolution, the golden era of science – we find ourselves expressing our thoughts ever more frequently through the process of writing. I find it very interesting to observe how uniquely yet effectively we as individuals do just this, with the aid these technological innovations. From humble beginnings, scrapings upon once bare lifeless stone, the historians of prehistory – to the now widespread and prevalent use of the internet; emailing, web link compilers, social networking sites and the like. We have come a remarkably long way it seems. All these are seemingly rather interesting and novel adaptations, born of necessity and chance, by a still young and inquisitive species.

I speak to you as if I am separate and distinct from this very revolution in language and the spoken word. The pervasion of such innovations in communication however, I believe have very much altered my life immeasurably. Yet still, despite being so well traversed in the strange and wonderful of the internet, I am by no means afraid to admit, I often struggle to find the words to properly articulate my thoughts through these very new prevailing systems devised. This seems strange, doesn’t it? Surely, writing, only second to speaking and thinking, should come naturally to us all? And by no means is it that I cannot write, my problem remains, what to say? Is something worth being said, simply by virtue of the former two? That it can be thought and spoken? Mankind has always struggled to find absolute truth. Why are we here? How did we come to be? What is our inevitable fate? How should we treat one other? All profound questions that to date we have still not managed to answer with any degree of certainty. While we do as individuals seemingly have a greater voice in the big wide world of the internet, and an unprecedented access to words and ideas, it seems we are no closer to finding any real objective truth.

I know what you’re thinking now, this guy’s against the internet, this dude hates free speech. Now, before I start receiving hostile stream of comments. I just want to clarify; I do not question that the internet is truly a marvel of mankind, and firmly believe that free speech is integral to any real democracy. My problem is simply, the ability to write and express one’s view, to have a voice, is a responsibility in itself, a privilege of its proprietor, and not a right of the beholder. Of course as it stands, you can speak, think and write without constraint, and I don’t think this ought to change at all. My concern is simply perhaps we ought to change the manner in which we think, in which thoughts we choose to share with others. It is my belief that one is obliged to ascribe a certain level modesty, an open objectiveness to their thoughts and actions alike. Any fool can write – any person with an internet connection and some time to kill can express themselves and their ideas with little hindrance. But often I find, there is very little thought given to the meaning or validity of what is written and shared. For instance, I have often found many popular websites littered with comments from seemingly depraved and misinformed persons, spreading their venomous hate and repugnant ignorance with little obstruction. Yes, the internet is wonderful, but are we collectively making full use of its capacity to bring our thoughts together? Are we fully capitalising on its benefits to answer the truly important questions? I again, am by no means exempt from such behaviour. Many a time, I have found myself talking shit, to be quite frank with you. To people who are almost invariably, talking shit. And realization has slowly crept up behind me, from the shadows in which it hath lain hidden; that if we’re all just talking shit, then when are we ever going to get to any real truth?

That’s enough shit for today…and with that, I leave you, as I have nothing of any importance to say, nor any further significant insights left to divulge  Till next time, friends.