My Open Letter

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So I have an idea…I want to send a letter…a letter to humanity.


One evening many moons ago,  I was casually patrolling the internet  when I happened to chance upon a particular article that caught my eye. The story was about a time capsule opened after a 100 years. I have always been fascinated with time capsules. Little morsels of history flung far into the future, with the intention of revealing present life to future little earthlings.

Jean-Marc Phillipe was also rather taken by the idea. He was the creator and leader of the KEO project until he passed away in 2008. A group of scientists acquired a soon to be defunct Satellite, and now plan to hurl it far into the earth’s atmosphere for 50,000 years, harbouring messages from people of today for our distant decedents.

But as I wrote my entry, I thought by and large the message I had for future humanity, was very much applicable to people today.

So why wait? Why not send a message to humanity right now?

And that is exactly what I intend to do, and hope to provide a platform from which others might also leave their message to humanity. What’s great about this compared to the KEO project, is that anyone can read your open letter, and take some value from it, whether that be the day it’s posted, or many years after your demise. And with the prevalence of blogging I thought it would be a fun little experiment, to see what people had to say to the human race.

Now with a little technical wizardry and whole lot of trial and error, I’ve set up a blog from which to do just that. You might of also noticed the link I put up on the menu bar of my personal new blog.

Send a message to humanity, for the people of today, tomorrow and far into the future.



I invite you to write a (roughly) 800 word piece as your one message to the world. You can write about whatever you want, you can say whatever you feel. You could just write about yourself, an interesting story that you feel has moral value, or a humanitarian topic that interests you, and you think others ought to know about. You might just want to make people smile, and you are welcome to do so. The idea is that this is your chance to leave your one message. So feel free to make it as dramatic, as poignant and as heartfelt as possible.

Saying that however, there are some rules to what you can post. Although I despise rules, I think this blog should be about spreading what’s best about humanity, and how we can progress as a collective society. I’m a humanist, and I believe that everyone is capable of profound insight. So there will be no room for bigotry or defamation. This is not a platform for spreading hatred or ignorance. It’s not a place to share your religious convictions. There are plenty of places you can do that on the internet, but this won’t be one of them.

I am also asking people to donate £1 or more when they send a letter. To get the ball rolling however, I’m going to waive the fee and pay if myself for everyone who decides to send me a story. I’m unemployed at the moment however, but I suspect it’ll take a while for this to catch on. When I do start taking donations, all the proceeds will go to charity decided via GiveWell (100% of it).

So give me your thoughts on life and humanity, and share them with the world. If you feel uncomfortable you are free to submit anonymously. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how educated you are, nor how eloquent you are. I will also help with editing submitted letters, and hope this will give me a chance to hone my editing/proofreading skills.

It is my belief that everyone is this world has something to teach you. I hope through this platform we can begin to collate the best lessons we’ve all learned in our own little lives. I hope to bring significance to every life lived. I hope to inspire others to bring out the best in themselves and in others.

So without any further introduction, welcome to my new project,  My Letter to Humanity!

note: The website is still under construction, so don’t try and submit a letter through the forms provided, as I haven’t got them working just yet. Hence I would prefer it if you could email me with your entry at I hope to read your messages soon! = ) !!


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  • Angie

    Hi Suhail, the links do not work …did you publish your message, did other people do? I’d loved to read them..cheers, Angie