The ShortReport

SHORT REPORT – Small Articles, Big News

Dear Reader,

This is an open letter inviting you to join a project I’ve recently started with my brother tentatively dubbed ShortReport. We want to start a news website that keeps users updated on current affairs on a semi regular basis. Users will have the option to choose what topics they would like to follow, all in short 300-600 word reports. We hope to use primarily volunteer contributions to do the bulk of reporting, with more established editors and reporters covering major topic.

The news will be written using primarily secondary sources. with irrelevant material omitted and seamlessly stitched together to give a summary of key events over a given time period.  The idea is to help people catch up with running topics, and provide links to in depth coverage should the require it.


I am an Economics and Philosophy graduate, and my brother is a Politics and International Relations graduate. Together we hope to cover a broad range of topics initially. If you would be intersted in taking part as a writer, please contact me immediately.

In terms of payments – we hope to monetize this website further down the line by introducing a paywall for features and discussion, including PodCasts, Video’s and expert commentary. This part of the website will be known as “Talking Point”

If you would be interested in joining us on this project as a web developer, writer, or social media expert, please contact me via email at

Here’s an example of the kind of articles we will be producing:

Hope to hear from you soon.

Suhail H. Patel