What’s really important?

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Just some thoughts for today, I’ll try to keep it brief.

I was reading an article the other day about people rioting over gay marriage legislation being introduced in France.

And the thought occurred to me – we live in a world where people riot over gay marriage, but celebrate the murder of innocent people, and venerate their killers. We live in a society that spends more money on researching male pattern baldness, than cures for fatal diseases such as Malaria.

To any rational person I suppose this kind of behavior is rather nonsensical. What harm does one’s sexual orientation cause to other peoples lives? What benefit is it to humanity to have a head full of hair, compared to protection from a lethal disease?

The value’s we instill and give to our children propagate through the generations. We often argue that concepts such as war are inherent to human beings, an evolved quality that cannot be simply abolished. Yet history paints a very different story of how we humans came to be. For the better part of the million year journey we have taken to reach this point,.humanity has been a predominantly peaceful and reciprocal species.

For us to continue down the path of self interest, greed and destruction, would be the self inflicted undoing of mankind. With the power of rational thought came the ability to break free from the shackles of inherited behavior. No longer are we burdened by the unwavering dogma of genetic code, the four walls of instinctive behavior.

If we are to accept that man and woman alike has something we have labelled “free will”, then it is within our power to dramatically alter the course of the future, and commit to an action using the power of reason, and the capacity of our intellects to guide us in this decision making. As living humans we have an unprecedented access to the collective knowledge of humanity, and we ought to make use of it.

Hence, I think it both important for us to dramatically alter the way we perceive the world, our actions within it, and the lessons or “values” we instill in our offspring. We can create a world, and a version of humanity, that value’s Freedom, that permeates a sentiment of equality and mutual respect for one another. We can be the generation that powerfully changes the world and the course humanity finds itself currently on.

Throughout the ages, every great civilization has met the same catastrophic fate. It is up to us to change this preordained course of events. And how can we do this? In every action we make, in every thought we express and share with others. In a previous post, I made the claim that time and pressure have the power to change even the most unwavering beliefs. Indeed, it is the evolution of ideas that will shape humanity in the coming centuries. And for the first time in the history of life on this planet, we have taken this process into our own hands. We define what is morally good, we collectively agree on the rules of society and how we ought to treat one another, and the planet as a whole.

Let us harness the power of compassion, let us propagate a sentiment of love among all of brothers and sisters on this earth, for the short spell we find ourselves here.

That’s the end of my rant for today. Hadn’t posted in a while since I’ve been busy learning to design blogs (or trying to at least). My plan is to make a few Photoshop tutorials using what I’ve learn’t, so check back beginning of next week for some useful design tips.

Till next time friends.


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