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I am a professional filmmaker, producer, director and all round creative living in London, United Kingdom. Scroll down to find out more about my work.


A director with vision.

With nearly a decade of experience in the film industry, I have the creative vision and technical skills to bring a story to life. I have travelled the world making films for major broadcasters in the UK, with hundreds of original documentaries, creative shorts and commercial products under my belt. To see more of my films, follow me on my socials.


More than a picture.

From family celebrations, to live sporting events; whatever the occasion, I’ve got you covered. With hundreds of hours experience capturing a wide range of events, I am able to confidently handle any situation. Find out more about my photography services by clicking on the button below.


Suhail is a fantastic and gifted PD and camera operator – with an amazing eye for contemporary and stunning visuals. He has a creative and keen photographic eye and is always abreast of the latest advances in kit and technology and his work is testament to his talent and creativity. In addition he has a calm and positive approach plus a fantastic sense of humour which really helps crew bonding and, no matter how long the days end up being, his calm but committed personality and team-spirit always shines through.

Mike London, Editor at BBC Travel Show

Suhail is without a doubt the most talented filmmaker I have ever met – he has such a great eye for detail and his shots are always beautifully crafted. He is always learning and picking up skills, whether it is on the latest cameras and gadgets, to producing music or developing his graphic design skills. He has really helped push and hone my camera skills and has helped nurture younger staff through training and mentorship. In addition, Suhail is a fantastic team-player, he has a very collaborative style and always puts contributors at ease.

Nalini Sivanathan, Senior Producer at BBC Newsbeat

Suhail is an extremely talented cameraman. His rushes are always outstanding and he brings a lot of creativity into all his shoots. He is also a lovely guy who is fantastic to work with and always brings a smile to those around him – can’t recommend him enough.

Simon Hancock, Editor at BBC Click

Suhail is great to work with – he’s reliable and shoots beautifully, has a great eye for what makes a nice frame and knows how to get the best out of contributors. He also knows how to shoot for the edit, which is so useful, and a genuinely nice bloke.

Jackie Ball, Creative Director & Co-Founder at ReallyGoodFilms.

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